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Conasauga River Canoe Launch

Located on Lower Kings Bridge Road in Dawnville
Open Daily: 6 am-6 pm   -   View More Pictures

View Map of Canoe Launch

Dalton Utilities and the Conasauga River Alliance (CRA) have installed two canoe launches on the Conasauga River to provide recreational opportunities on the river and to raise awareness about the ecological significance of the Conasauga River and the threats to its biodiversity. The Conasauga River Alliance installed a canoe launch behind the Beaverdale Superette, located on the river on Highway 2 at the Whitfield-Murray county line. Dalton Utilities’ canoe launch site is located on Lower Kings Bridge Road in Dawnville on the river at the Norton Bridge.

The two river access points provided by Dalton Utilities and the CRA consist of canoe launches, parking areas, educational signage and completed clean water projects that demonstrate solutions to stormwater and erosion issues. The CRA site captures runoff from a parking lot and road, and directs the water into a small rain garden filled with wetland plants. In addition, this site displays a technique to stop riverbank erosion through stabilization practices. The Dalton Utilities site displays a technique for a pervious parking lot, which can support the weight of vehicles while allowing rainwater to percolate through instead of rushing off and contributing to soil erosion.

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