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Natural Gas Facilities

During the late 1940s, Dalton's carpet industry found it needed an economical alternative to electrical energy to dry carpet and cure latex. Dalton Utilities took the initiative and lobbied the Federal Power Commission for permission to obtain a natural gas connection. In 1952, permission was granted, and a 42-mile long transmission line was constructed to the Southern Natural Gas Company's supply line in Rome.

Since that time, Dalton Utilities has expanded natural gas service to meet the needs of a growing community and to continue providing the utility foundation that made it possible for the carpet industry to prosper and thrive in our community.

Dalton Utilities serves customers throughout Dalton and portions of Whitfield, Gordon and Floyd counties, making it one of the largest municipal gas system in the state of Georgia.

Local industry consumes 87 percent of the natural gas supplied by Dalton Utilities.

The Dalton Utilities gas system includes 29 miles of high-pressure mains; 273 miles of distribution system.

Dalton Utilities' natural gas distribution system is connected to two interstate natural gas pipelines - Southern Natural Gas (a division of Kinder Morgan) and East Tennessee Natural Gas (a division of Spectra Energy Partners).

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  • Current Monthly Natural Gas Rate: $8.336 per MmBtu*
  • National Pipeline Management System

* Natural gas rate per MmBtu is gas index for January 2017 as published in the Inside F.E.R.C.'s Gas Market Report plus all applicable pipeline transmission, local distribution, and metering/billing costs.

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