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Industrial Gas Services

Our industrial gas customers are divided into two categories: Tariff Service and Transportation Gas

Tariff Service customers buy their gas directly from Dalton Utilities. Our rate for tariff service customers is calculated using a "floating index" which reflects the monthly index price for natural gas. A nominal charge is added to this rate to cover transmission and distribution costs incurred by the Utility.

Transportation Gas customers purchase their natural gas from the well head or from gas marketers. Dalton Utilities charges these customers a transportation fee only.

Transportation Gas service is available to any regular industrial gas customer whose daily requirements are in excess of 200 Mcf per day. In order to take advantage of this service, the customer must maintain a fully operational alternate fuel system capable of supplying 100% of their fuel requirements.

Tools You Can Use

  • MESSAGE ALERTS! If there are special alerts or news on major planned construction of the gas system, we will include them here. (Currently there are no alerts.)
  • Current Monthly Natural Gas Rate: $8.336 per MmBtu*
  • National Pipeline Management System

* Natural gas rate per MmBtu is gas index for January 2017 as published in the Inside F.E.R.C.'s Gas Market Report plus all applicable pipeline transmission, local distribution, and metering/billing costs.

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